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We believe your business need smart and intuitive tools to solve daily routine jobs. This is the reason we provide Business Software answering your needs, as it is called ERP System or Enterprise Resource Planning. Some key features that simplify your job and automate your tasks as below:

  • Mobile friendly allows a mobile device, from a Tablet PC to an Smartphone, connect to the ERP system
  • Manufacture helping cost reductions through efficient inventory controls, detailed production reports, accelerate production cycles, workflow management and quality control in order to ensure the delivery of real-time data regarding inventory information and the production process.
  • Financial financial reporting and tax requirements with a single accounting, banking and payment systems. Enhance financial performance with real-time information on expenses and revenue contributions, improve cash flow, lower costs, and increase profitability while maintaining more accurate, timely, and transparent financial reporting.
  • Human Capital digitize employee administration, payroll and legal reporting including resource, workforce and talent management. Scheduling, time and attendance, performance support, recruitment, employee performance, competency management
  • Supply Chain & Inventory easily monitor demand, supply, manufacturing status, logistics and distribution in record time
  • Project companies can select the best projects, assign the proper resources, streamline delivery efforts, track profitability, estimate project costs and overall project performance
  • Customer Relationship helps bring data together to enable salespeople and marketing planners alike to better address customer needs, preferences and buying patterns
  • Interoperability almost all businesses need to extend additional systems, data-exchange through web services can be connected just as you wish
  • Ease of Integration & Customization whether you're migrating legacy data into a new ERP system or adding a third-party application to an existing one, customization is not an issue

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