Aman Technology provide the world most complete of Business Software Solution and Software Development service.

Registered as PT Aman Teknologi Solusi (on July, 2012) we do software development and consulting services for our clients in Jakarta - Indonesia. We experienced on Web, Mobile and Desktop application development using robust and modern technologies.

Software Development

We realized your unique business process, how you run your business and how it work in line with your movement. In this point of view, there are two approach on how to deal with, we develop software based on your own requirement, or we customize standard Enterprise System that meet your requirement. Learn more

Software Development

Web technology is mainstream nowadays, web application can be accessed from anywhere and any time. We implement on advanced web technology based on HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery, Python, PHP, NodeJS, Java, and ASP.NET

Desktop application give you best of responsiveness, stability and perfect graphical user interface. Windows based desktop application using VB.NET, C# or C++ give you desktop advantages with client - server model

People are mobile, they need to socialize, do job, have fun wherever they are. Mobile application give you that possibility, and we believe it is the future. Android based application is our focus with their great penetration

Business Application

Business Software

With our best practice on develop business application, we provide ready made applications from email service, communication tools, collaboration team, customer relationship, marketing automation, inventory and control, accounting, logistic, vendor management and such unique process in the company. Learn more

Back Office Application
Working on Back Office application anytime, anywhere. All tools you need just there in your laptop/smartphone, complete modules from Finance, HR, Inventory, Sales, POS, Purchase, Project Management, Manufacture, etc.

Customer Relationship
Unify all your customers, leads or general contacts and track every interaction like email, sms, appointments, meetings and never miss a beat. Automating routine activities and ensuring ZERO mistakes on preparing quotes and invoices for your customers

Online Store & Company Portal
Build and manage your online store / company portal just using your finger, enhance your products and populate your store to get more online customers, fast and complete reporting with store analysis.

Odoo Community

Your Complete Back Office Solution

Back Office System based on Odoo, World Top Open Source ERP Software.

Modular application: CRM, Sales with POS, Purchase, Inventory, Manufacture, Accounting, HR, Project, E-Commerce, Customized Web Portal

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